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Rest, Repair And Recover

Apologies for the ‘laying low’ the last few weeks. Things have been a little tough, but I seem to be moving in the right direction and feeling a lot better about things.

A week ago I was put back under for hand surgery on a broken and displaced Trapezoid bone in my hand, which they have wired and had me in a full brace for another 5 weeks. This was following my face surgery on my broken cheekbone where they put in 3 small titanium plates to ensure I kept my chiselled appearance…bahaha!

On top of those bits and pieces, there was a cracked rib or 2 and my left quad was quite badly beaten up, this all seems to be healing well. But probably the major factor that has delayed me getting in front of my computer and confronting the real world, would be my concussion. Memory around the accident is non-existent and while things are a lot better now that we are 3 weeks post accident there have definitely been some blurry bits.

I am really fortunate to have a great medical team around me, monitoring things and making sure I am progressing as quickly as possible. The Concussion Rehab Clinic has come a long way over the years and I am on the trainer for 20-30 minutes a day and I have a bunch of eye and balance exercises to get me back on track.

We met with the police yesterday, who has done an incredible job exploring all possible avenues but unfortunately there are no new leads and the truck they had in question in the early stages, was not involved in any way. Would definitely help if I had some memory of the event.

So – Kona is just over 11 weeks away and this is still at the top of my mind and keeping me going through the monotonous eye exercises. We are hoping to be able to make a call on this in the next couple weeks, once I have received the go-ahead from the concussion specialists to start back into proper training. All going well, we will still head to Kona for a 2-3 week training camp at the start of September and probably make the final call around then if I have managed to progress and move through the training block well enough to bring the form I have had through the year to the big showdown.

While I am still having my ups and downs mentally, physically and emotionally it gives me great comfort and motivation to have received so much support and encouragement over the weeks. Yes, this accident sucks big time and I am still asking the question ‘why’, but knowing that I will make a full recovery and that none of the parts that are required for going fast in triathlon has been affected, leaves me extremely thankful… hell, if I were a face model I’d be out of a job… !!

Onwards and upwards and again – thank you very much for all the support.


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One comment on “Rest, Repair And Recover”

  1. Hi Terenzo,

    I saw the article on One Sport last night (19/02/2019) and that really impressed me, and being 72 years old it take a lot to ring my bells.

    I recall you “accident” last year and didn’t really grasp what you put yourself through to get back on top again. Many people would have given up and took on an administrative job.

    I have a photo frame on my filing cabinet at work, which I use to highlight significant dates and events and of course people.

    You’re up their now and people who hadn’t heard of you before, certainly do now.

    In fact I’m just about to go down to the factory and put up a couple of A3 posters of you, so you get even more famous.

    Terenzo – you’re an example to us all and it makes me bloody proud to be a Kiwi.

    Good luck at Taupo this weekend

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